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In your role as senior system engineer, you are the technical leader in multidisciplinary teams of specialists and are the technical ‘conscience’ in projects. To do this, you need to be creative and have a good understanding of the expertises you’re working with; mainly optics, mechanics, and control engineering.

For this role your main focus will be on SmartIndustry applications, where TNO develops technology for the Dutch/European manufacturing industry to sustain in the global competition, with projects in the following areas:
-high tech machine building in multi disciplinary teams,
-targeting autonomous robotics and zero programming solutions to increase industrial productivity.
– low/medium volume production of high value series at the price of mass manufacturing.
-adaptive robotics fusing (CAD)models with sensor data (2D and 3D robotvision).

Your challenge lies in connecting all expertises involved in a project, and in shifting between detailed technical discussions and maintaining a helicopter view to make strategic project decisions. These decisions often have to be made on the basis of incomplete data, and therefore it’s important that you are aware of the underlying technical and physical principles. Your main contributions to the projects are in the conceptual phase for idea generation and design phase for budgeting, technical decisions and team steering, in close cooperation with the customer(s), subcontractor(s) and partner(s). As system engineer you stay involved up to delivery to the customer, which requires the capability to manage the TNO team and their partners towards the desired performance results within time and budget constraints. In this, you work closely with the project manager. In addition, together with your colleagues you write project proposals for new paid assignments; you define topics for the TNO-internal fundamental research and you mentor your younger colleagues.

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