Business Development Manager – YER – Den Haag


In this role, you will develop sales of test equipment for customers active in manufacturing and developing solar panels, it will be a 50/50 split between new business and maintaining strong relationships with existing contacts. You will communicate with decision-makers, understand their goals, and develop solutions accordingly.

You understand the value of a predefined sales process and will apply this while developing the right solution for the customer. Understanding the technical product design choices is helpful, but you will be supported by colleagues with in-depth knowledge where necessary. Besides technical, you will also tailor your offer to the specific geography, timelines, budget and buying process of the opportunity.

Eternal Sun’s sales cycles are typically long and influenced by regional energy transition policies. You will be able to understand the impact and translate this to realistic target setting and financial forecasting. Eternal Sun therefore is looking for a solid sales developer with strengths in sales account management and exploring new options to grow its business.

In this position, you will travel regularly. Eternal Sun’s sales team consists of 4 people. Marketing focuses on filling the sales funnel, after which the sales department qualifies the opportunity, develops the solutions, and closes deals.

Additional responsibilities include:

* Representing Eternal Sun at industry events, conferences, delivering engaging presentations
* Networking and building strong relationships with industry professionals, customers, and stakeholders
* Identifying and developing new business opportunities and generating high-quality leads
* Developing complex commercial projects, as Eternal Sun frequently engages in custom projects
* Translating market developments to the tech team so they can improve products and services

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